Franchises Are The Opportunity Of Your Lifetime

A job promotion is where you let others judge your own worth and then they pay you accordingly to that worth. Are you ready to stop letting others judge your own worth? Then become your own boss.

Drinking Before That Job Promotion Interview

Normally, drinking would be bad before a job promotion interview but not when you have this drink.

Save Money With Home Energy Improvements

The biggest problem I always had with saving energy was finding out where all my energy use was going. I signed up with Microsoft Hohm and used their special tool to evaluate my home. After understanding which home appliances were using all the energy, I was set to find out how to start saving on […]

First Time Home Buyer Tax Credit

First time home buyers get $8000 as an incentive. No more waiting around for that job promotion to purchase your new home. The amount of tax credit that you get is calculated by 10% of the price of the primary home. If the house cost $600,000, you would be eligible for $6000 tax credit.