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How to Write Job Promotion Letters

Write your job promotion letter to satisfy your target audience. If a more formal letter is required, make sure to address the recipient appropriately. Everything else should be concise and to the point. Build your case around your job skills and how they contributed to the company’s growth.

Seeking A Job Promotion The Correct Way

Asking for a job promotion is sometimes a very uncomfortable task for some people. A job promotion is generally a measure of your ability to perform your current duties. To receive a job promotion, you must be worthy of the promotion. One of the most important steps you must do before asking for a promotion […]

Deciding Between Seniority or Skills Job Qualifications

Choosing between seniority and skills is the kind of decision that can be a manager’s nightmare. Make sure to know if your company has this criterion in deciding who gets a job promotion.

Some employees just put in time, doing enough to get by, but never really trying to take on responsibility or learn anything new. Maybe their reason on why they need a job promotion is solely based on money and nothing that adds to the company’s growth. Others put effort in their job and learn really fast, becoming more skilled than those hired first and worked longer.

How To Improve Your Skills Before Asking For A Job Promotion

There are many small things that you can do to improve your skills and approach your manager for a raise or job promotion. Whether it is a pay raise or a move into a higher level position, you want to be able to present yourself as the right candidate.

First thing to consider is whether or not this new position has any obvious additional skills you may need.

Ace A Job Promotion Interview

A job promotion interview is different from a job interview in the sense that the interviewer knows you in and out. The very fact that you have been short-listed for the interview suggests that you are one of the candidates who they think is worthy of the position.

So how do you get the job promotion over the others who are also being interviewed? Here are a few good points to remember.

Why You Need A Job Promotion

You need a job promotion. With the economy the way it is, there is probably one reason first and foremost. You need more money. Your initial reaction might be asking your employer for a pay raise. Of course, you could just ask for a raise; but applying for a higher job position you are qualified for, often looks better, to your boss. It shows you are thinking about the well being of your company and not just your bottom line.