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How to Promote Yourself for a Job

Put your best self forward when you are promoting yourself for a job. You want to look good, feel good and have the competent skills for the interview and the potential job. Put yourself in their shoes and would you hire yourself?

First Time Home Buyer Tax Credit

First time home buyers get $8000 as an incentive. No more waiting around for that job promotion to purchase your new home. The amount of tax credit that you get is calculated by 10% of the price of the primary home. If the house cost $600,000, you would be eligible for $6000 tax credit.

Time For A Career Change?

Find out if it is time for a career change. If you are not getting the respect and salary you deserve at your job or career, it might be time for a change. If the industry has hit a dead end and you see no future for opportunities, it might be the right time.

Hire Yourself For The Job

No one is hiring you for your skills. You can’t get that job promotion. The salary is not enough. What easier way to get promoted than to give yourself the job.

Write the Best Salary Letters

A salary letter can show how much you think you are worth to your employer. Research the salary amounts that fits your job duties and responsibilities. Your salary letters should be simple and direct. Check out the sample salary letter for more tips.

Negotiate a Higher Salary with Confidence

Be confident in yourself when you negotiate your salary with your employer. Increase your confidence by listing all your experience, education and training in your field and prepare properly for your salary negotiations. Stop being stagnant in your career and ask for the job raise that you deserve.

The Right Time To Ask For A Raise

We all need more money in this economy and your job is one of the best ways to get more. You need a raise in your salary but when is the right time to ask for one? Find out under what circumstances you would qualify for a raise and take advantage.