Job Advice

Finding Good Jobs in Promotions

There are several jobs in promotions, advertising, and marketing that are fun and profitable. The demand for good marketers is always high, because it is the marketing that really drives the sales of every kind of product. Jobs in promotions run the gamut from copywriting to graphic design to social networking. You could get hired by a specific company to market their products, or you could work for an advertising agency that has several different clients.

Writing Job Offer Letters Samples

Employers, who want to make a potential employee, a job offer, has to write a proper job offer letter. These job offer letters include a description of their job, pay, benefits and anything else the employee should be expected to know.

For employers who need to fill job positions, a sample job offer advertising letter can help them recruit the best workers.

Start Job Negotiations

Simple negotiations tips can position yourself in the right place for increases in salary or job role. Job negotiating is an important process in your search for employment and it is the difference between a bad work experience and a dream job.

Time For A Career Change?

Find out if it is time for a career change. If you are not getting the respect and salary you deserve at your job or career, it might be time for a change. If the industry has hit a dead end and you see no future for opportunities, it might be the right time.

Hire Yourself For The Job

No one is hiring you for your skills. You can’t get that job promotion. The salary is not enough. What easier way to get promoted than to give yourself the job.

Seeking A Job Promotion The Correct Way

Asking for a job promotion is sometimes a very uncomfortable task for some people. A job promotion is generally a measure of your ability to perform your current duties. To receive a job promotion, you must be worthy of the promotion. One of the most important steps you must do before asking for a promotion […]

Deciding Between Seniority or Skills Job Qualifications

Choosing between seniority and skills is the kind of decision that can be a manager’s nightmare. Make sure to know if your company has this criterion in deciding who gets a job promotion.

Some employees just put in time, doing enough to get by, but never really trying to take on responsibility or learn anything new. Maybe their reason on why they need a job promotion is solely based on money and nothing that adds to the company’s growth. Others put effort in their job and learn really fast, becoming more skilled than those hired first and worked longer.