Start Job Negotiations

Simple negotiations tips can position yourself in the right place for increases in salary or job role. Job negotiating is an important process in your search for employment and it is the difference between a bad work experience and a dream job.

How to Promote Yourself for a Job

Put your best self forward when you are promoting yourself for a job. You want to look good, feel good and have the competent skills for the interview and the potential job. Put yourself in their shoes and would you hire yourself?

Seeking A Job Promotion The Correct Way

Asking for a job promotion is sometimes a very uncomfortable task for some people. A job promotion is generally a measure of your ability to perform your current duties. To receive a job promotion, you must be worthy of the promotion. One of the most important steps you must do before asking for a promotion […]

Ace A Job Promotion Interview

A job promotion interview is different from a job interview in the sense that the interviewer knows you in and out. The very fact that you have been short-listed for the interview suggests that you are one of the candidates who they think is worthy of the position.

So how do you get the job promotion over the others who are also being interviewed? Here are a few good points to remember.