Writing Job Offer Letters Samples

Employers, who want to make a potential employee, a job offer, has to write a proper job offer letter. These job offer letters include a description of their job, pay, benefits and anything else the employee should be expected to know.

For employers who need to fill job positions, a sample job offer advertising letter can help them recruit the best workers.

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If you are an employer who has found the perfect employee and wants to make them a job offer, you would write them a job offer letter. Much of the information above describing the job role, position, pay and benefits should be addressed in the letter. Length of employment, description of company, introduction to company, and how often they will be paid should be included (e.g. weekly or biweekly). Background checks, eligibility and other checks, if necessary, should be written down so they are notified about what is expected for the job.

Much like a job hiring letter, this is can considered a legal binding contract and so any information regarding pay and benefits must be double checked before sending it out. Do not write expectations of performance or definite salary increases if you do not intend on providing them.

Employer Job Offer Letters Sample

You are an employer who is looking to add to your work force. Advertising is usually the best way, along with sending letters to the employment agencies so you can get listed in their database for job seekers to find. You need to have ample information listed, like is it for a college grad, and what level they graduated at in the particular subject your job offer letter should cover.

The information about your company should be in a letterhead that you routinely use for correspondence. If your company does not use letterheads, then your information should be in the left hand side of the letter along with a phone number at the very least. Describe the position or positions in clear concise wording with the references you require and level of job experience needed to fill the position. Continue with the starting pay for the position and the information of where to apply if it is different than the address at the top of the job offer letter.

When you write the letter, use a professional tone but keep the wording casual as you write out the job description in the job offer letter. A short example is here for you to check out.

ABC Printing Co
100 Main Street
Whereever, Your State 00001

Greetings Future Employees,
ABC Printing Co is looking to increase our workforce with several experienced printers and type setters. If you are experienced, at least one year minimum you may qualify for this job. It will require typesetting on our older machines and a working knowledge of the newer machinery as well. We are phasing out the older equipment and need individuals who are trained in both. Salary is commensurate with experience. All holidays and weekends are off. We have two shifts running at present and need people on both shifts. Insurance after 60 days is partially paid by employer. College education not required but a high school diploma or GED is needed. You may apply by sending a resume to the above address and we will call you for an interview within 48 hours or, e-mail your resume to us at printco@domain.com

In order to use this letter to send to an employment center, change the greeting and add a line about having them post your job in their available work pages.

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