Write the Best Salary Letters

A salary letter can show how much you think you are worth to your employer. Research the salary amounts that fits your job duties and responsibilities. Your salary letters should be simple and direct. Check out the sample salary letter for more tips.

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Salary Request Letters

A salary letter can show how much you think you are worth to your employer. Job searches and writing letters can be long and tedious exercises. But, the end result should always be worth it. Writing the best salary request letters is part of this process. Check whether a salary range has been mentioned in job descriptions in advertisements. This is an important detail that should not be overlooked. If no salary range is provided, this is where salary letters become necessary. There are several issues to consider before writing salary letters. If the job is part of an upward career move or job promotion, it is advisable to know salary ranges before locking a quoted salary into your letters. If this is an entry level position, know what the median salary range is for the particular type of work. There is a big difference between salary letters of experienced professionals and new college graduates with no work experience.

Begin the Salary Letters

Write salary letters with confidence. Knowledge of median salary ranges helps with this issue. Company recruiters will not take exception to a salary letter in which the salary is increased 5-10% of the last salary. This is dependent on experience levels and the hiring company’s expectations of professionalism and responsibilities. Today’s job market is an “employer’s market”. This means there are more job applicants and fewer employers hiring. Writing a salary letter becomes significant in this kind of job market. Determine which is more important: A higher salary or the job.

When to Write Salary Letters

Salary letters can be part of general cover letters included with a resume. Salary letters should be provided if the position has been solicited by the hiring company and is not part of their massive personnel recruitment. Keep in mind, hiring companies consider salary discussions a step toward hiring job applicants. Subsequently, offering a general salary range for information is acceptable. Get more accurate salary numbers in trade magazines for your industry. These trade magazines are often offered free and will keep you updated on your worth and how much you can expect to demand for your job title. More specific salary requirements can be discussed in the initial interview.

Salary Request Letter Requirements

List your minimum salary requirement. Be reasonable and do not overestimate your worth compared to the industry standards. The better your research, the more likely your request, will be acceptable. Keep the letter short and simple. The salary interview is where you add on details and build your case if the employer is still unsure and needs convincing.

Sample Salary Letter

Use this sample ask for a raise letter as a guideline and structure your salary letter around it. Fill in the words that apply to you and personalize it. You will need to do research for your maximum and minimum salary amounts.

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