Negotiate a Higher Salary with Confidence

Be confident in yourself when you negotiate your salary with your employer. Increase your confidence by listing all your experience, education and training in your field and prepare properly for your salary negotiations. Stop being stagnant in your career and ask for the job raise that you deserve.

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If you want a higher salary, the key is to negotiate. Unfortunately, many people feel intimidated by the process of negotiations and often hinder their careers by selling themselves short. If you want to increase your income and advance your career change, you must learn to negotiate your salary.

Before you begin salary negotiations, it is important to develop a realistic expectation of your worth to the employer. Do some research on the average salary of others in your field and consider such variables as prior experience, education and training. If you feel you have achieved high levels in one or all of those job areas, you can enter into the job negotiation process with confidence. You do not want to go into the boss’ office and say you want a higher salary because you had another child or bought a new house. The reasons you want more money have to be rooted in your value to the company.

Ask for a raise in your salary with these questions in mind.

  • Do you provide value to your company?
  • Are you being compensated accordingly for your job skills?
  • Ask yourself if you are ready to accept a job promotion with more responsibilities and duties in order to get that salary raise.

The Salary Negotiations Rejection

It is also important to think about what you will do if your employer turns down your request. Will you accept a lower raise in salary? Will you accept no raise at all? If your terms are not met, are you prepared to leave your job?

If you are not prepared to walk away, you are not ready to negotiate. It will be difficult to advance your career if you demand a higher salary and meekly return to your desk without a raise if the boss refuses the salary request. Make sure you have an alternative position lined up, even if the alternative pays a lower salary than you are currently making.

If you enter into negotiations for a higher salary with confidence and have the clear-cut consequences in mind, even with the employer refusal, you can still leave happy knowing you were prepared. This helps you for your future, giving you a much better chance of making more money and advancing your career.


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