The Right Time To Ask For A Raise

We all need more money in this economy and your job is one of the best ways to get more. You need a raise in your salary but when is the right time to ask for one? Find out under what circumstances you would qualify for a raise and take advantage.

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If a raise is what you are seeking, then you must arm yourself with some logical basis as for why you are deserving of a raise. Now only must you explain why but why do you want the raise now.

The time is right to ask for a raise when any of the following circumstances present themselves:

Raise Questions To Ask Yourself

  1. When you haven’t had a raise and it’s been at least one year. Time spent in a company is usually a good starting point for pay raise. In non-merit focused companies such as government entities, seniority and passing tests, plays a larger role in salary increases.
  2. When you have been given extra duties, responsibilities, tasks or other kind of work for a period of six month or longer and have not had a raise. You might also consider this situation if your duties have changed in some manner. For example, if you were hired to perform a written set of tasks and those tasks have changed, then it might be time for a raise.
  3. When others are getting raises and you have been overlooked. This is a tricky situation to bring up as point because most workers keep their salaries a secret.
  4. When the cost of living goes up in your area. Inflation based raises are commonly given every year and usually coincide with the Bureau of Labor statistics. Inflation pay raises are typically 2-4%.
  5. The right time to ask for a raise should revolve around your own situation and not the company. Even if the company has had a bad year or the economy is bad, you should still request a pay raise. If you wait till the company has a great year to request an increase in salary, you limit your earnings potential.

Evaluate all the previous situations and make sure they apply to you. In order to make a respectable argument, you must come prepared with a job raise letter. All the aforementioned reasons should also be in your arsenal. Do not be tricked into thinking that you are not entitled to a pay raise

Be ready to explain yourself and why you feel that it is time for you to be evaluated. After you have decided to ask for what you well deserve, it is important that your body language match your request. Don’t be verbose. Stay on topic. Stand up straight. Look your boss in the eye. Politely make your request!

Sample Raise Request Letter

Here is a raise request letter for you to structure your own personalized raise letter. Make sure to evaluate your own worth and list some of the responsibilities in your position. Use numbers such as ways you have saved the company money or raised more money for the company. Be direct and stay targeted on your request. Most importantly, be professional even if your manager has a friendly relationship with you.

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