How to Write Job Promotion Letters

Write your job promotion letter to satisfy your target audience. If a more formal letter is required, make sure to address the recipient appropriately. Everything else should be concise and to the point. Build your case around your job skills and how they contributed to the company’s growth.

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If you are already employed but looking for a more challenging position or need to earn more money, your best bet might be to write a job promotion letter. Job promotion letters are not all that different from other business letters you may have written over the course of your career.

How Formal?

How formal should you be? If you have a friendly relationship with your boss, it might seem strange to address your letter to “Mrs. Jones” rather than “Sue”; use your best judgment. The rest of your letter should use business-like language. If you are writing to a Human Resources representative rather than your boss, always address him or her formally.

Strong Openings

Make sure to include a strong opening. Remind your boss of how long you have been with the company, and explain that you feel it’s time to seek new challenges. Your tone should be friendly and positive; never start off on the wrong foot by presenting the attitude that you are “owed” the promotion. For example, don’t say, “I’ve worked for this company for 5 years and it’s time I was paid what I’m worth.” Instead, say something like, “I’ve enjoyed doing data entry for the past five years, but now I really need to be more challenged.” It is important to seek a job promotion correctly and not come off arrogant in your demands.

Be Assertive

Continue with this positive but assertive tone throughout the letter. Make sure to tell your boss how you have contributed to the company, and most importantly how you have grown during the course of your employment. Stress that you are ready for a more responsible or challenging position, and use specifics to demonstrate your claim. If you have references or have taken work-related courses, make sure to mention them.

Job promotions letters are not difficult to write. Be positive, honest, and straightforward and you will likely get the job offer and job promotions you want. Your next step is to ace the job promotion interview.

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