Drinking Before That Job Promotion Interview

Normally, drinking would be bad before a job promotion interview but not when you have this drink.

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Feeling stressed out before that interview for a job promotion can mean an easy rejection from the company. One way to help with the stress, an upset stomach, and unhealthy inflammation is to take a natural product that promotes optimal health the day before and of the promotion interview. That drink is Nopalea.

Did you know there is a special cactus that blooms fruit with healing properties that have been used for centuries by native peoples? The nutrients found in Nopalea have these cactus ingredients mixed with agave nectar, a natural sugar, making it a great tasting drink. The specific name for these nutrients are Betalains. It is this rare antioxidant that has been scientifically proven to reduce inflammation in the body. Betalains engulf the unhealthy cells found all over the body and pull out the toxins, leaving behind the healthy parts. You definitely want to be in your best shape for an interview that determines your company standing and salary.

When you feel great before a job promotion interview, that is when you will do your best to answer the questions given by the interviewer. So get a good night’s rest, be prepare to list and defend all your reasons for getting a promotion and have a great wellness drink.

This post is sponsored by Trivita/Nopalea.

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